O Boticario launches Make B. Urban Ballet to meet women's duality

O Boticario launches Make B. Urban Ballet to meet women's duality

Brand: O Boticário

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Release date: 03/18/2016

The duality present in everyday life of modern women was the starting point for the creation of Make B. Urban Ballet, new collection of premium makeup line of O Boticario.

"Urban woman, strong, owner of herself and full of responsibilities also seeks its" little paradises "in the romanticism and in the softness to approach his essence. Tissues fluids, tulle and ribbons are already elements present in fashion, as well as the remake of the ballet was incorporated in the behavior of many women. Make B. translates this trend for the beauty of unusual and inspiring way ", explains Mirele Martinez, category manager Makeup of O Boticario. "Make B. Urban Ballet brings sophistication, strength and delicacy in products specially developed for the Brazilian woman," she adds.

Altogether, there are 23 items that allow multiple possibilities- lipsticks, lip mousses, shadows, eyeliners, mascara, pencil for eyes, translucent powder, blush duo, facial mousse and glazes, besides a fragrance and three accessories - two kits false eyelashes and makeup bag.

Lipsticks, with exclusive compression, in sneaker format are one of the highlights of the collection. In creamy texture, they are available in four colors, providing high coverage, hydration for 24 hours and SPF 25 / UVA +++ (R $ 39.99 |). It was also launched two colors of Lip Mousse - Salmon and Plum Avenue. With matte effect, creamy texture and long standing, do not accumulate on the lips. (R $ 34.99)

Another innovation that Make B. Urban Ballet brings is the new look of the Shadow Quartets, of the Duo Blush Plié (R $ 75.00) and of the Powder Translucent Tule which feature square and compression packaging which reminds the twisted ribbon of the Sneakers Ballerinas, translating the concept of the collection. (R $ 72.00)

Duo Blush Plié, soft texture, unites two shades - bronze and rose - for all skin tones. (R $ 72.00). Facial Illuminating Mousse Romantic Light provides satiny shine with light scintillation. It has dry touch and rapid absorption, leaves no oily skin. (R $ 57.99). Powder Translucent Tule helps prolong fixing the makeup and corrects minor imperfections. Ideal for all skin tones. Its matte effect is indicated to finish and touch up your makeup throughout the day, maintaining a natural, silky appearance.

In the eyes, the delicacy with a glamor touch in the Eyeshadow Duo Effect, a technology that allows different finishes when the eyeshadow is applied with dry brush or wet, allowing double shades. The high pigmentation and the high performance provide velvety texture and long lasting. The Double Drama mask, according to the company delivers 12 times more volume, and maximum elongation for the eyelashes due to the dual applicator - in one side, provides stretching and definition. On the other, volume. (R $ 75.00). Pencil for Eyes in two color options, is of 'gel touch application', that ensures a soft touch, allowing more expressive and striking features. (R $ 41.99) and the Liquid Eyeliner brings the differential of the metallic effect in onyx and bronze colors. (R $ 46.99)

Make B. Urban Ballet brings a Palette Makeup Royal Case, with items and colors that meet the diversity of skin and the taste of the Brazilina woman - eyeshadows, blushes, mascara, lip gloss, brushes and mirror. Without the tray of products, it may also can be used as a delicate clutch. (R $ 189.00)

In the hands, the finishing touch is up to five color enamels - they have fragrance, high brightness and fast drying. (R $ 17.99)

The brand also brings additions to the line: two kit options of False Eyelashes, in versions for day and night (R $ 33.99), and a toilete bag in clutch shape with glitter finish (R $ 43.99 ). And the fragrance that represents the concept of the collection: Make B. Urban Ballet Deodorant Colony, created by perfumer Hernan Figoli, of fragrance house Givaudan, which reveals the contrast of light and fresh floral notes - pear, transparent flowers and cardamom. On the following, creamy woody notes, as cashmeran, are present next to the rusticity of the vetiver. At last, the striking and sophisticated chord Black Tulip signs the fragrance with the power of femininity. (R $ 119.00)

The new line is now available in stores, e-commerce and resellers O Boticario, in limited edition.

SAC: 0800-413011

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