O Boticario celebrates the brightness of the woman on Mother´s Day with two new products for the Elysée kit

O Boticario celebrates the brightness of the woman on Mother´s Day with two new products for the Elysée kit

Brand: O Boticário

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Release date: 04/22/2016

To celebrate Mother's Day, O Boticario brings several alternative gifts to add more sophistication and femininity to date. Brand has developed especially for the date two new products for Elysée line one of the most feminine and luxurious of its portfolio. The eau de parfum now earns a moisturizing cream satiny and a shower gel liquid soap, specially developed to enhance the perfuming during and after bathing.

Both products include noble raw materials of the world market - Orpur®, natural ingredients, of specific origin and purity olfativa - and feature the intense and striking fragrance.

The Moisturizing Cream Satiny has special creamy texture, which intensely moisturizes the skin, leaving a protective film on the skin, with silky touch for up to 48 hours. Its explosion in perfuming with the Elysée fragrance, pleasant spreadability and sophisticated packaging make this kit certainly make of it a desirable option for gifting moms.

The Shower Gel Liquid Soap has creamy texture and abundant foam. Gently cleanses the skin without drying it, leaving it soft and with the scent of Elysée. Its tube packaging with metalized cover is sophisticated and ideal for use while bathing.

Ideal for composing kits, making the most complete and unique gift, these releases are part of one of the brand bets for the date: the Elysée Kit, created especially for mothers contains Elysée Eau De Parfum 50ml, a creamy lipstick Make B. Exclusive in Elysée color, and a moisturizing hand cream 75g (limited edition), accompanied by a golden overnighter beauty. The releases are already in stores, retailers and e-commerce of O Boticario.

Another 11 kits - some with unique accessories - broadens the range of options to present the most different mothers profiles.

SAC: 0800-413011

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