Clarins brings serum  anti-stain  Mission Perfection

Clarins brings serum anti-stain Mission Perfection

Brand: Clarins

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Release date: 04/27/2016

In collaboration with a world-renowned research center, Clarins brings to Brazil Mission Perfection, a serum to combat skin pigmentation disorders.

Clarins has identified a new process responsible for the appearance of dark spots, unexplored until today: exosomes, messenger cells sent by keratinocytes to melanocytes. According to the company, when exposed to aggressions (UV rays, inflammation), they carry the "wrong messages" that are involved in melanin production excess. In pigmentation. independent of skin tone, the exosomes are responsible for over 25% of the melanin production.

Clarins also revealed that the melanocyte is not solely responsible for pigmentation disorders, but also 36 keratinocytes that interact with it. These 36 "enemies" of a uniform skin send messages "wrong" through exosomes, which then cause pigmentation disorders.

The formula of Mission Perfection Serum, combines the best of plants and science to restore the "right" message to ensure a bright and perfectly uniform skin while respecting its natural tone, company says.

It contains acerola extract which has the ability to block the "wrong" messages that cause pigmentation disorders. Thus, it reduces the production of melanin excess through its action on the exosome. The acerola extract reduces by 24.5% the production of melanin independently skin tone. Hexilresorcinol molecule that helps reduce the formation of dark spots at their source; Ginkgo biloba extract, which stimulates microcirculation of the skin, which helps restore the reflex of light in blood pigments and reduce the redness; and acids of fruits that help reduce the appearance of pigmentation marks and smooth skin texture.
This corrective emulsion softens the skin and enhances the beauty. Its coral tone fits perfectly to all the skin tones, from the lightest to the darkest.

Tested on 300 women, showed proven efficacy after 1 month when 80% of women observed reduction of dark spots and proved many benefits to the skin.
Suggested price: US $ 87,2

SAC 0800 704 3440

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