Detox line, of Bio Extratus, now in mini version

Detox line, of Bio Extratus, now in mini version

Brand: Bio Extratus

Category: , Services

Release date: 05/05/2016

Bio Extratus Natural Cosmetics line launches kit with pre-shampoo peeling and mask in economical versions of 100 ml and 90g, respectively.

Practical to carry in the bag and on travels, the products line eliminate impurities of the threads and scalp, combat capillary aging, balance minerals and nutrients and protect against the cumulative damage, without drying them, leaving hair lighter , healthy with brightness and balance. The formula includes green juice, ginger, chia, chlorophyll and microqueratina.

Peeling - pre shampoo 100 ml promotes detoxification of the scalp. apricot seeds promote smooth and efficient exfoliation, eliminating impurities, unclogging the hair follicles and helping the healthy growth of the threads.

And Mask 90g offers detoxifying hydration. Rich in noble nuts and ultra-moisturizing, restores health, provides conditioning , strength and intense shine.

The products are are available in pharmacies, perfumeries and supermarkets for the suggested price of R $ 39.90

SAC: 31 3855-3002

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