Jequiti brings  make-up  trends in its Ellas Street collection

Jequiti brings make-up trends in its Ellas Street collection

Brand: Jequiti

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Release date: 05/06/2016

The fashion that comes from the streets is a trend that is here to stay. Values the comfort without sacrificing elegance. Fashion today can be in high heels or sneakers: it all depends on attitude. Jequiti made use of this concept to develop makeup collection fall / winter 2016 Ellas Street, with products that allow a more irreverent look.

In limited edition, products arrive to the catalogs and brand resellers are: four matte lipsticks, lip balm, compact blush, two loose powder shadows, illuminator, pencil for eyes, mascara, eye shadow and the novelty: eyebrows illuminator.

Ellis Street packs are inspired by street arts, presenting a cheerful, relaxed and modern layout with abstract graffiti, in pink, lilac, white and fluorescent yellow.

For the mouth, matte lipstick, of high coverage and soft texture comes in four matte shades: the soft and romantic Nude Fashion and Wine Trend to the most sensual, Pink Striking and Wine Diva. Promotional price: R $ 11.90 / Regular Price: R $ 13.90. The Lip Balm, for the days with lower temperatures is enriched with shea butter and aloe vera. It can also be used after the matte lipstick Ellas Street, turning it into a creamy product, leaving the lips brighter. (R $ 11.90 / R $ 13.90)
For the face, Blush Compact comes in peach shade, provides brightness and healthy look to the face. (R $ 23.90 and R $ 25.90)

Eyes, beyond the shadow in loose powder (Pink Nude and Urban Graffiti by R$ 14.90 / R $ 16.90), pencil in graphite color (R $ 13.90 /R $ 14.90) and black mask, for volume and lengthening of eyelashes (R $ 23,90 / R $ 25.90), brings two special products for eyebrows: eyebrow Shadow (the universal color, R $ 19.90 / R $ 20.90) and the Illuminator for the eyebrow, which highlights eyebrows and eyes. It has soft texture and excellent adhesion, company says. (R $ 19.90 / R $ 20.90).SAC 0800 776 7575

SAC: 0800 776 7575

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