O Boticario features the line Men Only

O Boticario features the line Men Only

Brand: O Boticário

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Release date: 05/13/2016

While a woman takes on average 42 minutes on their beauty routine, men tend to spend almost half that time with personal care. In women´s toilete bag are around 21 beauty items, according to data from Euromonitor. For them, there are no more than eight products. To facilitate the care routine of men O Boticario has created MEN Only - a line with solutions that simplify the daily life of man.

There are three new items to complement the line Boticário MEN, they are 17 products specially designed for the male universe whose highlight is the multi-functional technology and usefulness of products that meet the demand of the Brazilian beauty market.

"This new male behavior, with a look more concerned with their visual and that care is not just a wave.. It is here to stay! But we are talking about a public completely different from the female audience. The man is not accustomed to long rituals of beauty, with the application of many products that require more than minutes. He wants to quickly resolve this moment, in the most practical way possible. Hence, then, the proposal of multifunctionality - quality products, technology, excellent results and direct communication, "explains Jean Bueno, Perfumery manager of O Boticario.

Among the launches is MEN Only Deodorant Colony, a striking and intense fragrance that brings in its essence the family woody amber. The contrast of notes brings a contemporary mood, reinforcing the identity of a sophisticated and authentic man. The woody amber scent family, has top note of Ginger, Black Pepper, Thyme, Mandarin and Menta. In the body notes: peach, basil, violet leaves, vetiver and amber and the Bottom: tonka bean, vanilla, guaiacum, Leather, Cashmere and Musk. (100ml, R$ 85.00)

Only MEN also brings two functional products: MEN Only 2 in 1 shaving - in a single product, the steps of pre and post shaving are solved. "The MEN Only 2 in 1 shaving has the functions to calm the skin against shaving irritation, soften the wires to facilitate the process and also it forms a protective film, providing feeling cared for and moisturised skin," says Bueno. (110g, R$ 44.99)

Men Only Moisturizing Body Lotion has fast drying, light texture and promotes an intense hydration for 48 hours. The main feature of the product is that it does not leave the skin sticky and is not sticky on hair. "Hydration of the skin is not just an aesthetic concern, but it is also important to maintain the vitality and health of the skin, preventing the loss of elasticity over time," explains Jean. (200g, R$ $ 29.99)

The three items of O Boticario MEN Only are available in brand stores, retailers and e-commerce of O Boticario.

SAC: 0800-413011

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