Di Cristall launches line for blonde hair and gray

Di Cristall launches line for blonde hair and gray

Brand: Di Cristall

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Release date: 05/16/2016

Miracullum Beauty Secret Blue Diamond is the line developed by Brazilian DiCristall to blond and gray hair. The products line provide brightness, hydration, volume reduction and anti-frizz effect. The formulas are enriched with Violet Acid, tinting gray and blond hair, eliminating inesejáveis yellow tones. Compounded by shampoo, volume reducer and finisher, the line brings products rich in silicones, essential oils and butters Tucumã, Murumuru and shea.

With balanced pH, products fortify the hair fibers so that they recover and protect from future damage caused by external factors (sunlight) and thermal factors (dryers and flat irons).

Shampoo Blond Matizador offers deep cleaning to the hair, revitalizing the tone of discolored or naturally blond hair. The formula is enriched with Violet Acid to blend gray tones, eliminating unwanted yellow tones. Contains nourishing and moisturizing actives to leave hair soft, silky and shiny.

The Reducer Volume Blond Matizador was specially developed for chemically damaged hair. It has anti-frizz action. It has high hydration power of the Butter Tucuma , Murumuru and Shea, a blend of emollients that restore the hair fiber damaged by chemical processes. The Violet Acid strength eliminates unwanted yellow tones, leaving the threads with a platinum tone.

And the Finisher Miracullum Beauty Secret for dry hair, frizzy or rebellious, protects the threads of aggression caused by mechanical procedures and also from sunlight. Facilitates brushing and use of the mechanic proceedings. It provides a perfect slide, protecting the threads from excessive heat and external humidity.

The line is available in the best salons in Brazil and United States, Israel, Canada and Costa Rica.

SAC: + 55 11 2279-9715

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