Memphis prepared special kits of bar soaps to gifting on Valentine´s Day

Memphis prepared special kits of bar soaps to gifting on Valentine´s Day

Brand: Memphis

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Release date: 05/26/2016

Memphis, a gaucho company fspecialized on bath products, has created special kits with scented soaps and for the skin care for gifting on Valentine's Day.

Alma de Flores (Soul of Flowers) is the kit with one of each of the 4 versions of brand traditional soaps, of 130g each: Alma de Flores Clássico, Alma de Flores Essência de Flores Brancas (White Flowers) Alma de Flores (with Jasmine Flowers) and Alma de Flores Baunilha (with Vanilla scent). R $ 15,00.

Alma de Mulher includes three soaps: Princess with woody fragrance, honeyed fruity nuances and peach butter; Femme, with fruity aroma and olives butter oil and Queen, developed with derivative of shea butter to provide a creamy foam, abundant, smooth and of high moisturizing power. 130g each, R $ 9.90.

Senator Country kit contains two soaps of high durability and excellent fixation of scent (130g each) rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin A and E and sunflower oil, which increase skin elasticity, assist in the healing process and prevent aging, thanks to the antioxidant action. The kit further includes a deodorant aerosol 150ml. R $ 20.85.

Senator Sport is a kit with three bar soaps of 130 g each formulated with moisturizers and sunflower oil, leaving on the skin intense feeling of freshness. It also treats and prevents skin dryness caused by external agents such as sun, wind and pollution. R $ 9.25.

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