Natura updates  skincare line Chronos with tecnology and Brazilian biodiversity

Natura updates skincare line Chronos with tecnology and Brazilian biodiversity

Brand: Natura

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Release date: 06/10/2016

By completing 30 years, Natura Chronos skincare antiaging line of Natura reinforces its initial position to propose effective and credible solutions for the skincare of women and relaunches the entire line. Over the years line formulations began to consider the various stages of a woman's life (+30, +45, +60 and +70 years old) and this re-launch of the line its portfolio now has 30 products which consider technologies recognized worldwide and include actives of Brazilian biodiversity concentrated and certified as effective. The technology used in products are unique by Natura, which developed biodiversity assets from natural ingredients as jambu, casearia, Jatoba and passionflower.

Professionals involved in the development of this relaunch of Natura Chronos researched the Brazilian skin needs to develop customized and effective solutions for every stage of life and each of the major annoyances indicated by women. "Throughout life, women perceive different signals age and Chronos wants to accompany her in all these phases. So the new line offers for every need, a solution, "says Maria Paula Fonseca, director of global unity of the Natura cosmetics.

The Antisigns treatment platforms were organized according to the major annoyances indicated in surveys: age, super concentrated treatment, cleaning, basic hydration and sun protection.

The Antisigns in versions for day and night, promote high sun protection photostable (SPF 30 and FPUVA 10) and renewal of the skin, respectively. They are recommended to solve common skin needs, at every age group, with the benefit indicated in the product name: Renovation and Energy 30+, 45+ firmness and radiance, Filling and Revitalization 60+ and Defense and Restoration 70+. They were tested in laboratories to guarantee light and pleasant sensory, in Gel Cream (30+ and 45+) and Cream (60+ and 70+) textures (Suggested retail price for each of these product: R $ 97.50).

The Day Cream / Night 30+ Renewal and Energy, for example, in which the skin begins to show signs of fatigue, the first wrinkles and expression lines, contains Jambu extract, active from the Brazilian biodiversity developed by Natura. It relaxes the microtensions of the collagen fibers and elastin, which give rise to wrinkles and expression lines. The gel cream has extract thousand times more concentrated in active than the Jambu plant. It also contains polyphenols, ingredient recognized by worldwide science that has antioxidants that protect against the loss of cellular energy, contributing to the improvement of skin renewal.

The cream 45+ Firmness and Radiance among the actives includes Jatoba extract, which increases the production of collagen and protects the already existing, as well as amino acids, a recognized ingreedient that protect elastin fibers and inhibit microdamages which contributes to the appearance of wrinkles, main feature of this age, along with the decrease in skin support.

60+ Revitalization and Filling includes Casearia extract, a natural skin filler which enhances the production of hyaluronic acid by 25% and oligosaccharides ingredient that enhances cell communications between the layers, strengthening the tissues that support the skin, because it is in this age that wrinkles become more evident and the volume and sustention of skin decreases.

For the 70 years old, in which the skin becomes thinner and more fragile, 70+ Protection and Restoration, provides a restoration treatment and strengthening the skin's defense system, as well as recovers the comfort, hydration and nourishing. It is composed of Passiflora Extract, which reconstitutes the natural protective barrier, restoring the skin, and Bio Saccharides that regulate the functionality of the cells, increasing skin thickness.

Another platform, Super Concentrates, is divided by the specific need of the skin. According to the company, its products have been formulated with high concentrations of active ingredients to ensure greater permeation and intensive and immediate results. They are suitable for all ages and can complement Antissinais treatment. "This new platform of Super Concentrates came up with the goal of treating each specific nuisance of the woman skin," explains the manager of formulas for face of Natura, Joana Miranda.

One of the highlights is the Wrinkle Filler for the so-called 'Chinese mustache' and deep wrinkles on the forehead. Its formula stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid and according to the company, has seen immediate results in just 2 minutes, disguising deep wrinkles and decreasing the depth and quantity throughout the treatment. Contains Casearia concentrate and Hyaluronic Acid and comes in the form of pen, practice to facilitate the application. (R $ 97.50)

"Another highlight is the Elixir Reducer Wrinkles to crow's feet, one of the main complaints of Brazilian women in relation to the face," adds Joana. The product contains Jambu extract, which is 1000 times stronger than the plant extract and relaxes micro tensions of the collagen fibers and elastin, which give rise to wrinkles and expression lines. It also contains Hyaluronic acid. According to her, the Elixir promotes mainly firmness to the eyelids, disguising the creases, but throughout the treatment also reduces the amount and depth of wrinkles. (R $ 123.00)

Other Super Concentrates line products offer treatment for lack of firmness in the skin with the Serum Intensive Firming Pro (R $ 123.00), which promotes an immediate lifting and stimulates 8 times more collagen production. To the lack of uniformity on skin tone and vigor, Pharma Intensive Whitening Serum (R $ 123.00) combining 5% of vitamin C + 7% of Elastinol + R + 1% Vitamin E, to repair the evenness of skin tone and prevent the formation new darkened marks. Bags and dark circles also receive an instant facelift with Roll-on Lightens of Dark Circles (R $ 97.50), which will be released in September, provides inhibition of pigment production, improved drainage in the eye region, strengthens and stimulates microcirculation of the skin structure. It also lightens and reduces all types of dark circles, smoothes bags and puffiness and reduces signs of fatigue.

The cleaning line has also been redesigned to enhance actives and cosmetic treatment since the cleaning step. Among the highlights are the tonics Detox (R $ 58.80) per skin type, containing Detox Celular technology and promote a deep cleaning (intracellular), removing toxins, and the Exfoliating Antissinais (R $ 49.80) with dual mechanism of cell renewal (physical exfoliation and chemical exfoliation).

The Chronos novelties will be launched between June and September and will be available through a Natura Consultant or by Internet on the website

SNAC: 0800 11 55 66

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