Adcos launches professional products for acne-prone skin

Adcos launches professional products for acne-prone skin

Brand: Adcos

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Release date: 06/15/2016

Adcos, national brand of cosmetic treatment, expanded its professional line Acne Solution, with the launch of three products: Salicylic Solution, the Antimarcas Soro and Impact Mousse.

With these launches, company offers effective and practical solutions to control and eliminate acne, minimize consequences and prevent its reappearance.
Salicylic solution is a serum intended for combating inflammatory processes, to reduce acne and control oil. It has antimicrobial and antioxidant action. Formulated from technologies that includes Salicylic acid and acid alpha-lipoic acid. Available in 30 ml of R $ 142.00.

Soro Antimarcas is a serum developed to prevent and combat marks caused by acne, such as scars and post inflammatory spots, with intelligent action, thanks to lactobionic acid. The active HDA Complex, extracted from royal jelly, it has drying action and helps the oiliness control in a extended form. Contains TGP2 Peptide a whitening and anti-inflammatory technology, ideal to reduce and prevent stains caused by acne inflammation. (30ml, R $ 160.00)

Mousse Impact promotes detox cell action and regains vitality and energy of the skin. It contains organic sulfur, known as the beauty mineral for cellular energy production and indicated to block inflammation and treat inflammatory processes. (55ml, R $ 195.00)

SAC: 0800 722 1123

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