Bio  Extratus develops  treatment line for strength and growth of hair

Bio Extratus develops treatment line for strength and growth of hair

Brand: Bio Extratus

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Release date: 07/06/2016

Bio Extratus Natural Cosmetics has developed Force with Pepper line, for intensive treatment of hair to return the brightness and vitality of the weakened wire.

The natural balance between growth of the threads and their drop may be affected by physical or emotional factors as well as mechanical finishings for the beautification of the threads and the new line attends to these disorders, bringing strength and growth to hair.

Developed with BIOXYL technology to increase cell density in the papilla, to lower by falling and increase the average length of the threads. Pepper was used as a main active for its activating properties of the peripheral circulation, which results in increased nutrition and strengthening of wires. The company also used the Microqueratina Vegetal, for its nourishing action and restorer of the deepest damage the hair fiber.

Consists of 5 products: Shampoo pH 5.5 without added salt , cleans thoroughly. (In 350ml version has a suggested price of R $ 33.90 and the version 1 L, R $ 71.90); Conditioner pH 3.5 (350ml, 1L R $ 33.90 and R $ 71.90); Mask pH 4.0 (90g, R$ 13.90; 250g R $ 32.90 and 1 kg R $ 71.90) ; Finisher pH 4.0, which is termoprotetor and contains SPF (200g, R$ 26.99) and the Lotion pH5,0, of intensive treatment acting from the root to tip, R$ 39.00.

SAC: 31) 3855-3002

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