Make B. by O Boticario  now has complete line of facial care

Make B. by O Boticario now has complete line of facial care

Brand: O Boticário

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Release date: 07/08/2016

Make B. the consecrated makeup line of O Boticario launches Make B. Facial, a complete and innovative line of treatment to ensure a well-prepared skin for makeup. Company sought in the technology applied to products the answer to various needs in a country with climates and different ethnic groups. It is a complete line of facial care to facilitate Brazilian life that brings solutions by necessity, not by skin type or age

In all, there are 10 products divided into three phases - treatment (with exclusive Skin Adapt® tecnology), Pre- and Post Makeup. Among the novelties are: Detox with pure vitamin C, multiprotetor with SPF 50, primer anti greasiness with effect Blur and micellar makeup remover.

The four products of treatment phase are developed with exclusive Skin Adapt® that provides superior hydration and control the oiliness at the same time - needs identified by most Brazilian women.

"This technology allows the product has the same performance in any region of the country, whatever the weather or the type of skin and for any age. It is a way to meet consumer needs, current and is aligned with our time, "explains Mirele Martinez, category manager Makeup of O Boticario.

Among highlights of the treatment products is Nutridetox-C Nocturnal, which has its contents divided into two packaging - the first consists of pure vitamin C isolated to ensure its purity and the other by a special complex of other vitamins which stimulate the collagen and elastin production , preventing premature aging. The applying must be made jointly by placing a small amount of each product in your palm, mixing and applying in the clean, dry face. The result is a deep skin free of cellular toxins, firmer and uniform. (R $ 69.99)

Another innovation that promises to please the consumer is Moisturizer Multiprotetor including the face toner version with SPF 50, UVA +++ and IV protection (against infrared) and actives that protect the skin from external aggressions such as pollution and temperature variations. (R $ 69.99)

Serum Anti-Age contains omega 3 and 6, hyaluronic acid and peptides that help in collagen production. It acts directly on the firmness and elasticity of the skin, providing immediate lifting and filling effect and protects from the harmful effects of the sun. Its continued use provides a softer skin, light and rejuvenated. (R $ 94.00)

Products Pre-makeup stage includes Primer that, in addition to increasing the durability of makeup and shrink pores, now has the Anti-Oily and Bletching versions (R $ 63.99 each). The first includes the famous "Photoshop effect" or "Blur effect," which blurs any imperfections, leaving the skin immediately more uniform. Bleaching version contains a complex of actives, that from the constant use, evens out skin tone, leaving it naturally illuminated. Its acid-free formulation allows the product be used also during the daytime. The Cleaning Mousse Toning 2 in 1 meets two requirements at the same time, removal of impurities and toning. (R $ 48.99, refill: R $ 37.99) and the peeling of Nutriesfoliante Crystal, which removes dead skin cells and excess oiliness on two levels of exfoliation - softer, made with the wet face, or deeper with dry skin. The result, in the two options, is a renewed skin, with feeling of softness and smoothness, guarantees the company. (R $ 49.99)

Among the Post-Makeup products , line Make B. Cuidados Faciais brings two Cosmetic Removers. The Cleansing Fluid Micellar, which can be used in the shower. It gently removes make-up through its micelles, a group of molecules present in the formula that absorb the waste and impurities without damaging the skin. Its effect is potentiated with violet extract, which gives moisturizing properties. Contains Bisabolol for soothing effect. And the Cleansing Biphasic 4 in 1 which has two stage oil free that, when mixed, transforms itself into a light emulsion with dry touch, leaving the really clean and soft skin. It is quite effective in removing makeup, including waterproof, and promotes smooth hydration, says the company. (Both R $ 42.99)

Line also offers Apparatus Facial Electrical 3 in 1, which enhances the performance of the products Make B. Facial. There are three specific brushes: exfoliant for application of moisturizers and serums and massaging , with two levels of vibration. (R $ 42.99).

Make B. Facial will be available in stores, e-commerce and resellers O Boticario from 4 July.

SAC: 0800-413011

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