Vichy launches Serum 10 Supreme anti-wrinkle

Vichy launches Serum 10 Supreme anti-wrinkle

Brand: Vichy

Category: , Services

Release date: 07/22/2016

Active Cosmetics Division of L\'Oreal made this week several launches, of which we highlight Serum 10 SUPREME, a concentrated serum that ensures anti-wrinkle action, with improved firmness, radiance and hás lifting effect.
It combines Rhamnose in 10% concentration, which activates the papillary dermis, stimulating the protein synthesis, such as collagen and Hyaluronic Acid, which has the ability to add water and hydrate the skin, providing a straightener effect. Product differentiation, however, is that the Hyaluronic Acid is Fragmented and responsible for intensifying the Rhamnose 10%, guaranteeing twice more absorption into the skin and enhancing anti-aging action.
Serum 10 SUPREME still contains LHA and Adenosine, which stimulate cell renewal, providing a more luminous skin and lush. His serum texture provides a sensory experience, with rapid absorption, leaving it moisturized and velvety.
The result is a visible reduction of wrinkles, a firmer and bright skin and a lifting effect desired by consumers.
O produto está disponível nas farmácias a partir de Julho, com preço sugerido de R$199,90 (30ml).

SAC: 0800 701 1552

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