Africa is inspiration for new O Boticario makeup collection Make B.

Africa is inspiration for new O Boticario makeup collection Make B.

Brand: O Boticário

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Release date: 08/26/2016

The exuberance of African landscapes, the liveliness of their colors and the cultural diversity of the continent enable a huge range of interpretations, reinterpretations in fashion and beauty, that inspired the Apothecary to launch the new makeup collection Spring-Summer Make B. Africaníssima.

The products have been developed to suit different skin tones, especially brown and black and ensure durability, performance and vividness of colors for all women. Altogether, there are 5 colors of lipsticks (2 and 3 mates creamy), 2 options labial mousses and 2 eyeshadow quartets with colors that are between earth and vibrant tones. A fragrance completes the collection:Make B. Africaníssima Deodorant Colony, which translates olfactory trend of the season, besides two options nécessaire.

"Africaníssima was created to bring sophistication, strength and exuberance for the next season," says Mirele Martinez, Makeup manager of O Boticario.

Make B. Africaníssima Mousse Lip Effect Mate (R $ 42.00) features soft and comfortable texture, in five colors: brown, red, almond, pink and purple. Make B. Africaníssima Mousse Lip Effect Mate (R $ 35.00), also matte effect, in vibrant cherry and vibrant earthy colors, have high coverage and long-lasting.

To highlight the eyes, the collection brings two Make B. Africaníssima Quartet Compact Eyeshadow (R $ 73.00), that blends earthy tones with vibrant colors such as blue and pinkin a versatile and modern way. If used with wet woth a brush, turn into another four different shades.

The unique fragrance of Make B. Africaníssima Deodorant Colony (70ml, R $ 130.00) was inspired by the dark, dense wood, considered one of African diamonds. Its olfactory composition combines woody notes with tropical fruits and light touch dry amber, translating in a remarkable and sophisticated way, a large olfactory trend of the season: the floral spicy.

The toilete bag that accompanies the new colection, was produced with sophisticated materials, can be used as clutch, in red and blue colors.

SAC: 0800-413011

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