SkinCeuticals brings treatment for oily skin

SkinCeuticals brings treatment for oily skin

Brand: SkinCeuticals

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Release date: 08/25/2016

Trend in the US and Asia, SkinCeuticals brings to brazil the facial mask Clarifying Clay Masque, a multifunctional dermatologic mask that removes impurities and unclogs pores, helps fight excessive oiliness, restores the lushness and homogenizes the skin.
Its formula is composed of volcanic clays Bentonite and Kaolin, of decongestant action and purifying . The product removes impurities and excess of sebum from the skin. It also contains a blend of alpha-hydroxy acids (glycolic, malic, lactic, tartaric and citric) from plant extracts, responsible for exfoliate, renew and soften the skin. It also contains extract AloeBarbadensis, of calming and soothing action.

"Clarifying Clay Masque is designed to optimize the routine of beauty and skin care, promoting an immediate revitalization and controlling oiliness lastingly," says Alan Spector, director of SkinCeuticals in Brazil.

The product has an average yield of up to 6 months and is already available in specialized pharmacies for the suggested price of R $ 299 (60 ml).

SAC: 0800 771 73 71

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