Jequiti offers body care with  smell of Springtime

Jequiti offers body care with smell of Springtime

Brand: Jequiti

Category: , Services

Release date: 08/22/2016

Jequiti (SS Group) launches limited edition of Vida Frangipani and Bergamot body care collection. The idea of the line is expressed in its slogan "be renewed with the spring flowers," an invitation to women to taking care of themselves in the most florid season.

Frangipani is a tropical flower that represents new life, the renewal of Spring. And Bergamot is a fruit rich in nutrients and antioxidants that symbolizes the vigour of the station.

Consisting of three products - Moisturizing Lotion Body Deodorant, Cream Moisturizer Deodorant for Hands and Feet and Cologne Spray Deodorant Splash - in refreshing floral fragrance of Frangipani flower, combined to the freshness and joy of notes of bergamot.

Moisturizing Lotion Body Deodorant moisturizes and gently perfumes all day. (475 mL, R $ 29.90 promotional price, and R $ 35.90 regular one). Cream Moisturizer Deodorant for Hands and Feet allows specific hydration and has perfect format to be taken in the bag, allowing the reapplication throughout the day. (50g R $ 9.90, promotional and R $ 14.9, regular). And Cologne Spray Deodorant Splash complete the ritual of daily beauty with refreshing floral fragrance and joy. (150ml, US $ 24.90, promotional and R $ 36.90, regular) The special edition packaging homaging the spring brings drawings of Frangipani flowers in pink and yellow shades, in a feminine and delicate way.

The releases can be purchased through direct sales with brand consultants across the country.

SAC 0800 776 7575

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