Korres presents Castanea Arcadia line

Korres presents Castanea Arcadia line

Brand: Korres

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Release date: 09/01/2016

Korres Greek cosmetics brand brings to the country a skin care launch with Castanea Arcadia. The line is the result of primary research program AGROCOS, which for four years has researched, along with nine of the largest centers and Academic Institutes of scientific research in the world, natural ingredients from the greatest biodiversity of the world.

In all, 1,800 plants and 3,600 natural and organic extracts were surveyed, in 6 different areas of biodiversity, and the Arcadia Chestnut extract, from the Greek flora, stood out as the most effective ingredient in anti-aging treatment.

The results revealed that the Arcadia Chestnut leaf extract contains lupeol, a powerful natural active ingredient that has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory action and helps in the regeneration of the skin.

Korres, was the first company in the world that could incorporate Lupeol in a cosmetic product, making it the patented molecule Active HALupeol, which provides benefits such as firmness, greater elasticity and skin texture, wrinkles prevention and repair.

Thus, Korres launched Castanea Arcadia line, a complete anti-aging treatment that contains several effective natural ingredients that work together to promote: reduction and prevention of the appearance of wrinkles, collagen production and glycoproteins that increase the elasticity, firmness and youth of the skin.

Comprising: Aracadia Chestnut cream anti-wrinkle day - normal skin to mixed (40g)
Chestnut Aracadia night- wrinkle cream for all skin types (40g) with 95.52% + natural content of natural derivatives.Products are designed for everyday use, formulated with Arcadia Chestnut Extract.

Chestnut Aracadia eye wrinkle cream - for all skin types (15g). Reduces wrinkles, bags and dark circles. Protects the essential structural elements of the skin and glycoproteins such as collagen, increasing the strength and youthfulness of the skin.

Korres products are marketed in Brazil through catalogs distributed by Avon and also online at the brand website and also at Sephora.

SAC: 0800 956 7737

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