Avon launches line Encanto Irresistivel of body daily care

Avon launches line Encanto Irresistivel of body daily care

Brand: Avon

Category: , Services

Release date: 08/29/2016

Avon launches Encanto Irresistível, line of daily care products with the body with the proposal to make every woman feel special, an opportunity to feel the skin, its reactions and textures.

Products moisturise the skin for 48 hours, have velvety touch and fragrances produced from sophisticated oils with the signature of Pink Bouquet and Amber.

Composed of Body Lotion (400ml, US $ 31.99), Perfumed Scented Spray (200ml, US $ 33.99); Bar soap (4x80g, US $ 15.99); and Body Oil Illuminator, without rinsing (200ml, R $ 42.99), which contains brightness microparticles, dry and smooth touch and quick absorption.

Famous Brazilian actress stars the campaign for the new line on TV. Also, Avon invites women to extend their special moment with Encanto line, and offers an exclusive playlist on Spotify (link) with selected songs for the beauty ritual.

Products are already available to the consumer and can be purchased through requests made directly to independent dealers Avon or through brand virtual brochure.

SAC: 0800 708 2866

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