Eudora presents  Aflorá cherry blossom products

Eudora presents Aflorá cherry blossom products

Brand: Eudora

Category: , Services

Release date: 09/16/2016

The magical moment of blossoming of a flower and feminine delicacy have inspired Eudora (Boticario Group), to launch the line Aflorá Flor de Cerejeira, with cherry blossom products.

The products bring an aroma that sought to capture the beauty and softness of the Cherry Blossom, with the creaminess of the warm notes of vanilla and amber, plus the olfactory signature of the brand, the Secret Eudora® a secret chord consists of notes leave a trail marked in those who use it.

The Deo Cologne Spray comes with a scented lotion. Its creamy texture forms a film on the skin, to ensure smoothness and deep hydration for 30 hours.
Products can be found through Eudora representatives, e-commerce, own stores, kiosks or site from 20 September.

Flor de Cerejeira Deo Colônia Spray Corporal Perfumado, 300ml, from R $ 44.99 to R $ 36.99. Loção Hidratante Corporal, a Moisturizing Body Lotion, 300ml of R $ 32.99 for R $ 26.99, valid promotional price until October 10.

SAC: 0800 727 45 35

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