Embelleze presents specific products for reverse wash

Embelleze presents specific products for reverse wash

Brand: Embelleze

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Release date: 09/20/2016

Embelleze releases the kit of shampoo and conditioning treatment developed for the technique of reverse washing, which is to reverse the roles of these two products, to ensure more voluminous hair with gloss, with shine, hydrated and free from excessive greasiness.

The Novex kit Revitay Wash Reverse consists of conditioning treatment to close the cuticles, treat and prepare the hair, by nourishing and conditioning intensely. Then, the shampoo cleans and balances the excess greasiness from the thread and scalp, without taking the brightness and nutrition received earlier. The technique primarily serves the needs of those who have oily hair, fine and little bulky.

Products containing Trehalose, present in wide variety of plants and animals, whose property is to bind water molecules, one of the reasons why a barren desert flowers after the rain. Trehalose has the function of protecting the wire when it is dehydrated, allowing it to recover by receiving water, providing hydration and protection. It also contains Fibroforce, which contributes to the restoration of fragile or damaged threads that require special care, significantly increasing the resistance to different types of hair, damaged or not.

The conditioning treatment received a higher intensity of nutritional charge to have efficiency in closing the cuticles and combating frizz. And the shampoo comes with a higher dose of hydration and softness to clean threads without let them rough. "It is important to use the right actives for the expected result. Therefore, we research and developed optimal formulas for this reverse washing technique, "says the vice president of Embelleze System, Jomar Beltrame.

Kit Revitay Novex Dry Reverse costs R $ 19.20

SAC: 0800-881-2667 (capitais 4003-2667)

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