Natura Ekos brings Oil Protector Buriti

Natura Ekos brings Oil Protector Buriti

Brand: Natura

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Release date: 09/23/2016

The new proposal of Natura Ekos line created 16 years ago and that has just been relaunched, is to present a portfolio of products with benefits that leverage the full potential of each asset of Brazilian biodiversity.

Buriti fruit has high levels of beta carotene, antioxidant property. By combining it with organic filters, Ekos brings the first sunscreen oil of Brazilian industry.

"The formula components of the new Oil Buriti Sunscreen responsible for sun protection are organic filters, molecules that absorbs ultraviolet radiation and transform it into a kind of radiation no harmful to the skin," explains Joana Miranda, a specialist in development of sunscreen products Natura . "The use of sunscreen protects against burns, and reinforces the fight against loss of water, keeping the skin hydration for longer. In particular, the Natura Ekos Oil Protector Buriti product has the differential of hydration for up to 24 hours, " she says.

O Produto é resistente à água, hidrata enquanto protege e realça o tom natural da pele. Tem textura leve toque seco e seu preço sugerido é de R$ 69,80.

Available for sale with Natura Consultants, at the Natura Network and the Natura shops in São Paulo - in the Morumbi Shopping Mall and in the Shopping Villa Lobos.

SNAC – 0800-115566

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