Eudora bet in the colors of Brazilianness for Spring makeup

Eudora bet in the colors of Brazilianness for Spring makeup

Brand: Eudora

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Release date: 10/06/2016

Spring has arrived and with it the inspiration to use and abuse the soft and elegant colors, with shades of pink, skin illuminated and less marked eyes print a romantic make up that blends nicely with the season of flowers. Eudora, brand Boticario Group, brings season's shades for your makeup line.

Magnetic Eyes Shadow Mono Baked is the eyeshadow made with a unique process that promotes maximum intensity and color fidelity. Super pigmented and easy to apply. When watering the brush,tone gains intensity. Color: Pink Satin (1.8g, R $ 39.99)

Royal Liner is the eyeliner that marks the look in a delicate and elegant way or a more sexy either. Its fine tip allows for precise trace and easy application. It stays on the skin for up to 10 hours. (2.5ml, R $ 37.99)

Turbo Mask Double Impact, brings two different silicone brushes with special bristles and unique formula, leaving well-defined lashes, elongated, with extreme curvature. It provides more volume, effect of false eyelashes and high definition, and is easy to apply covering even the smallest cilia. (9 ml, R $ 37.99)

Illuminating pearls is the Blush Illuminator whose long lasting formula allows for a good grip from the beginning of the application. (30g, US $ 51.99)

And Matefix Lipstick Liquid is the mate lipstick that does not dry the lips and has technology No Transfer, which does not smudge and does not stain. It has intense fixation of up to 8 hours in duration. Color: Nude Elegant (5.4g, R $ 33.99)

Multicanal, Eudora chega à mulher por meio de venda direta, lojas próprias, quiosques e e-commerce.

SAC: 0800 727 45 35

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