Mahogany lança a linha MHY de colônias e sabonetes

Mahogany lança a linha MHY de colônias e sabonetes

Brand: Mahogany

Category: , Services

Release date: 10/10/2016

Mahogany, launches MHY line of bar soaps and feminine and masculine fragrances inspired by fashion - packaging and scents

Consisting of bar soaps and feminine and masculine fragrance line, as well as Mahogany brand stands out for its fragrances and packaging.

The SPA Vanilla version has massager in its format, for the pleasure and relaxation at bath time. Fragrance has vanilla extract, with sweet and striking aroma (R $ 16.00)

Apple Blossom has fresh floral scent of aldehydic family, with apple and guarana extracts. Antioxidant and astringent has three units 90g gently wrapped in tissue paper. (R $ 25.00)

Chamomile has way fougère amber with chamomile and tangerine extracts, and astringent and nourishing properties. (R $ 25.00)

Istanbul Rose has musk floral fragrance and extract of roses. The box contains two rose shaped soaps. (R $ 29.00

Elegant Soap, of citric olfactory family aromatic with musk, in a version inspired by fashion
All soaps have limited edition.

MHY Chelsea and Energy are female fragrances. Chelsea is vibrant, an ambered fruity to whet senses. Energy is fresh and cheerful, has citrus essence.

MHY Style and Very Black are male fragrances. Style has woody essence for the seductive man and Very Black, is fresher, for sportspeople
All fragrances cost R $ 59.00. Mahogany products are found in 170 stores of the brand by its website or through direct sales.

SAC: 11 3686- 6999

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