O Boticario brings two releases for its line Coffee

O Boticario brings two releases for its line Coffee

Brand: O Boticario

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Release date: 11/03/2016

The passion between couples have inspired O Boticario to create the new fragrance brand, Coffee Paradiso, from the line Coffee, one of the most successful lines of the brand: a feminine and another male, that invite you to warm the relationship.

"The new fragrances Coffee Paradiso play with the contrast of ingredients with the mix of warm and cool elements like wood, chocolate, speckle sugar and cardamom," says Perfumery manager of O Boticario, Jean Bueno. "And of course, bring the unique touch of coffee, trademark of the line brought from an own technology of grain infusion."

The male version of Coffee Paradiso brings coffee contrast with the wood and Belgian chocolate, combined with the warmth of amber and the freshness of cardamom. The sweetest side of passion is present in the female version through the speckled sugar - contrasting with coffee and the creamy woods, and strawberry touches, raspberry and nutmeg.

The new fragrances are now on sale in the 3,760 sales points of the brand, in around 1,750 Brazilian cities and more than 900 franchisees. Deodorant Colony Coffee Paradiso Woman and Man Coffee Paradiso are presented in version 100 ml of R $ 114.90 each. Accompany the Cream Body Moisturizer (200g, US $ 40.99) and Shower Gel Hair and Body (200g, US $ 29.99).

SAC: 0800 726 6482

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