Avon launches fragrance in partnership with Kenzo Takada

Avon launches fragrance in partnership with Kenzo Takada

Brand: Avon

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Release date: 11/10/2016

Avon LIFE arrives in Brazil, a result of a partnership with Japanese fashion designer Kenzo Takada. Acclaimed worldwide by the innovative spirit in the universe of fashion and fragrances, creating inspiring fusions of Eastern and Western elements with a contemporary look, the designer chose Avon to bring his style and philosophy of life to a greater number of women by attuning to the brand that also develops the concept of democratization of beauty.

"Kenzo Takada is more than an artist, he is a visionary, dedicated professional who manages to maintain his personality while maintaining total connection with the contemporary," says Marise Barroso, Vice President of Marketing of Avon Brazil. "He worked personally with our team to develop every aspect of this line of fragrances, from olfactory notes to the flask design. His vision is unparalleled and his ideal of optimism and beauty is similar to what Avon stands for. We are very pleased with this partnership. "

Avon LIFE is released with a duo of deo parfurm (male and female) signed by Alberto Morilas, Olivier Cresp and Frank Voelkl, from the fragrance house Firmenich. Flowers, according to Kenzo Takada, translate positive feelings and sophistication. One of them is present in both the masculine and feminine versions: violet, which appears stylized in the flasks of Avon LIFE.

Avon LIFE for Her brings in the starting notes a mix of fluidity and freshness, with the regal victory, plant that grows in the water, representing strength and delicacy. White tea accentuates this fluidity, inspiring balance. In the heart, violet, symbol of what is more special for the designer, his family, but accompanied by the cherry blossom, symbol of rebirth and positivity, and the beautiful and sophisticated peony. In the background, appears the iris, element that completes the alchemy in the form of essence extracted from the root.

In Avon LIFE for Him, it brings aquatic notes to emphasize the fluid and transparent element, the violet and the noble essence of the iris root, but with the addition of elements like black pepper and juniper at the starting notes, cardamom in the body, and Lily in background. The result is an aromatic and woody fragrance, which does not lose its lightness, the company guarantees.

Avon Life - female version 50ml, has suggested price of R$ 124.00 and Avon Life - male version, 50ml, R$ 124.00.

SAC: 0800 708 28 66

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