Risqué bets on the nude tones for the summer

Risqué bets on the nude tones for the summer

Brand: Risqué

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Release date: 11/30/2016

Nude fever has emerged as a strong trend for some seasons and has consolidated as a new classic, alongside red enamel and the whitish. The success is so much that, according to Google, nude is the most sought-after enamel color on the internet.

For being versatile and democratic, they can be used anytime at any ocasion; Both in a business meeting, as on the beach or on a day-to-day basis. It is cool, combine with summer and, at the same time, it is pretty elegant.

Risqué enlarged its regular portfolio of nudes, which previously had six shades and brought five more, inspired by the tone of the pearls, with:

Tears of Venus (creamy) - With the rosy background, this nude escapes the obvious and conveys femininity and elegance

Angel Drop - the metallic particles of this nude will guarantee that something special for the nails of the week

Sweet Pearl (creamy) - With a lilac wit and a grayish background, this nude is discreet and delicate

Joia das Águas (Creamy) - The brownish tone of this nude will result in sophisticated and striking nails.

Grain of Rice (creamy) - With beige background, this is the most classic of tones of nude, chic and graceful is always a sure bet

Risqué glazes are found in the retail of all Brazil. The nude tones are priced at $ 3.40.

SAC: 0800 012 68 88

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