Skin Care Products for Babies and Children

Skin Care Products for Babies and Children

Brand: TheraSkin

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Release date: 01/12/2017

TheraSkin, a Brazilian brand specialist in dermatology, has two essential products for sun post-exposure care.

Ducilamina, a hypoallergenic liquid lotion of soothing and slightly astringent action, refreshes and protects the skin. Contains: Calamine, of antipruritic action and soothing on the skin, also protects the region; Bisabolol and Panthenol, responsible for maintaining the anti-irritating, healing and antiseptic action, as well as Glycerol and Menthol that guarantee extra refreshing and moisturizing.

The lotion is suitable for both adults and children and is recommended to be used 2 to 3 times a day over the desired areas.

Amilia is a liquid talc with exclusive formulation designed to calm and moisturize even the most sensitive and delicate skins. In addition, the product imparts a nice silky touch and fresh feeling, ideal for children, who suffer from irritations.

Unlike the powdered talc, Amilia is practical, does not leave skin white, does not make dirt and also avoids the risk of inhalation at the time of application. To act efficiently, it was formulated with three main agents: Bisabolol, responsible for the soothing and antiseptic actions, Kaolin, of astringent and drying activity and Silicone, of moisturizing action.

The products are available in retail from all over the country. Ducilamina has a suggested price of R $ 49.90 and Amilia, R $ 69.90.

SAC: 0800 019 6660

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