Asgharali launches in the country fragrance Raneen

Asgharali launches in the country fragrance Raneen

Brand: Asgharali

Category: , Services

Release date: 01/20/2017

Raneen is a ring that in the Arab countries represents power, wealth and affective ties. It was chosen as object inspiration for the fragrance Raneen, from Asgharali, house of fragrances of Bahrain.

The fragrance, which is produced with pure essential oils, starts with citrus notes of tangerine combined with red fruits and pineapple, which offers a fruity and sunny touch to the perfume. The oriental and intense heart receives woody notes of cedar and florals of jasmine and tuberose. The patchouli and amber background notes blend into the chord of vanilla, to reveal sensuality and power.

The translucent flask features handmade golden details by the Asgharali artisans. The suggested price is R $ 2,150.00.

Asgharali fragrances can be found in Brazil at Al Zahra, the first store specializing in oriental fragrances in the country.

SAC: (111) 3857-7523

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