Dermage presents the Fresh Organics Deli Line

Dermage presents the Fresh Organics Deli Line

Brand: Dermage

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Release date: 01/24/2017

Dermage has created the line Deli Fresh, formulated with organic extracts of Gojiberry + Chia and Lichia + Flaxseed and composed of 8 products that care for the physiology of the skin, nourishing in a healthy way.

In the composition Gojiberry + Chia, the line counts on soap bar, illuminating facial mask, moisturizing enhancer and moisturizing in shower. For products with Lychee + Flaxseed, the portfolio offers bar soap, revitalizing face mask, cream for relaxing foot and leg and liquid soap. Formulated with certified organic ingredients, the Fresh Organics Deli Line is free of parabens, propylene glycol, alcohol and animal actives. Deli Fresh Organics Goji + Chia Bar Soap - R$ 19.00 - 90g, soaps provide creamy foam and soft touch, which gently clean the skin, helping to preserve its natural hydration and leave the skin soft, with a pleasant and gentle fragrance. Deli Fresh Organics Illuminating Facial Mask Goji + Chia - US $ 29.99 - 100g is the illuminating facial mask of soothing and nourishing action.

Deli Fresh Organics Illuminating Moisturizer Goji + Chia - $ 56.00 - 100g has nutritive and ultrahydrating formula with natural sources of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, besides reflective particles that lighten and highlight the skin of the body. Deli Fresh Organics Moisturizing in shower Goji + Chia - $ 55.00 - 100g was developed to bring practicality to the daily hydration in the bath.

The line Lichia + Linhaça brings: Deli Fresh Organics Bar Soap - Lichia + Linseed - R $ 19,00 - 90g; Deli Fresh Organics Revitalizing Facial Masque Lychee + Flaxseed - R$ 59.80 - 100g; Deli Fresh Organics Relaxing Cream for Leg and Foot Lichia + Linseed - R$ 49.90 - 100g, which provide a feeling of relief and freshness with relaxing action and also promotes hydration and nutrition for legs and feet; Deli Fresh Organics Liquid Soap Lichia + Flaxseed - $ 35.00 - 100g

Dermage products are found in the brand's stores and website.

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