Charming Launches sugar-based Spray Texturizer

Charming Launches sugar-based Spray Texturizer

Brand: Charming

Category: , Services

Release date: 01/23/2017

Charming (Cless), professional brand specialized on finishing, launches Spray Texturizador, a spray to provide texture to the hair, of instant and prolonged action.

The product stylizes, leaving waves with marked effect, controls the volume and provides antifrizz effect. Its innovative formula is enriched with sugar, polyquaternium 55 and hydromanil® and models long-lasting moisturizing, providing shine and texture.

Multifunctional, when applied in damp hair, provides texture and in dry hair, aligns the waves, without leaving hair heavy or oily.

Spray Texturizador can be found at specialty stores or beauty salons all over the country for the suggested retail price of R $ 29.00

SAC 0800 702 26 27

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