Episol Color launches sun protection line with color

Episol Color launches sun protection line with color

Brand: Episol

Category: , Services

Release date: 02/01/2017

Practical products that deliver different benefits at once. This is the proposal of the line Episol Color of fotoprotection of Mantecorp Skincare, for the indispensable protection in the day to day.
Episol Color protects against UVA and UVB rays and has physical filters that guarantee high protection also against visible light - the one our eyes can see, such as light from artificial lamps and computer screens, and that is capable of causing changes in DNA , blemishes and skin damage.
The product has two presentations that meet very well the need for a light, discreet and uniform coverage for day to day. The base version is available in FPS 30 (Clear Skin, Dark Skin and More Brown Skin) and FPS70 (Light Skin and Dark Skin), and the compact powder version is available in FPS 30 (Clear Skin and Dark Skin).
Episol Color smoothens the skin tone, disguises fine wrinkles, blemishes and minor imperfections thanks to the pigments included in the formula. Promotes matte effect and dry touch. The base version also has an innovative dispersion system of pigments, which prevents the formation of agglomerates.
Suggested prices:
Episol Color Base FPS 30 R$ 66,74
Episol Color Base FPS 70 R$ 71,39
Episol Color Pó Compacto FPS 30 R$ 71,39

SAC: 0800 77 17017

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