O Boticario brings green caviar from Vietnam to its Nativa Spa line

O Boticario brings green caviar from Vietnam to its Nativa Spa line

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Release date: 02/16/2017

From the seas of Vietnam comes the main asset for the Nativa SPA line (Boticário Group), of body care and haircare products : the green caviar, a seaweed that grows in the form of small spheres. Its extract is rich in nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, minerals and polysaccharides, which makes it, besides a nutritious food, an innovative and potent ingredient for use in cosmetics. Among the benefits are the reconstruction of hair fibers and the repair of skin tissues.

The new line Nativa SPA Caviar Therapy brings five items that promise to recover damages from the last three chemical procedures performed on the strands, such as tinctures and straighteners, thanks to the combination of green caviar extract and a powerful complex of amino acids and proteins.
"Many women want to, but are afraid to make any changes in their hair, for fear of irreversibly damaging the threads," says Aline Mori, manager of Boticario's Personal Care category. "We want our consumers to be able to dare without fear, with the certainty that Nativa SPA Caviar Therapy repairs the hair," she adds.

In addition to shampoo, conditioner and capillary mask, the line features two products that actuate for a long lasting restoration after bath: capillary cauterizer serum and finisher solid capillary oil. These products seal the hair cuticle and decrease the porosity of the hair. The use of the complete line guarantees the repair of the wires already in the first application, guarantees the company.

"With the Nativa SPA line we seek to combine innovation and sophistication to offer the consumer a product that meets their needs and expectations. In order to do that, Nativa SPA Caviar Therapy delivers one of the most requested benefits: effective and surprising restoration, "explains Aline.

Caviar for body skin

The complete line also includes four products for body skin that use the green caviar associated with assets such as linoleic acid. These compounds actuate to form a barrier against the aging action of free radicals and stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin. According to the company, these substances improves the firmness of the skin, promoting the skin regeneration and the prevention against the loss of tonicity and formation of wrinkles.

To enhance the sensory experience of the line, a unique and sophisticated fragrance was specially formulated for the Nativa SPA Terapia do Caviar. All products, both capillary and skin care, follow the same olfactory path, which brings a contrast between the sensuality of floral and amber notes with the freshness of citrus notes.

The new line reaches Boticário stores, resellers and e-commerce brand with the following products and prices:

Nativa SPA Terapia do Caviar Shampoo e Condicionador Reparação Absoluta for ultra damaged hair. Offers repair of the last three chemical procedures. (R $ 34.90 and R $ 37.90, respectively)

Nativa SPA Caviar Therapy Absolute Repair Mask - In addition to repairing the last three chemical procedures, repair and rebuild the hair fiber from the first application (R$ 42.99)

Native Caviar Therapy Capillary Serum Cauterizer Absolute Repair Promotes cauterization of wires: repairs fiber, seals cuticle and reduces porosity. (R $ 74.90)

Nativa SPA Caviar Therapy Solid Capillary Oil Finisher Absolute Repair Ideal for finalizing the treatment. It repairs damaged tips, aligns wires and reduces frizz without leaving hair heavy. (R $ 69.99)

For Body Skin:

Nativa SPA Caviar Therapy Moisturizing Lotion 400 ml Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, promotes cellular balance, repair and regeneration of the skin. Its formula is of quick absorption. Leaves skin soft and moisturized for up to 30 hours. (R $ 52.90)

Nativa SPA Caviar Therapy Hand and Foot Cream Provides the same benefits as Moisturizing Lotion. Has dry touch Moisturizes the skin and cuticles, without damaging the enamel. (R $ 36.99)

Nativa SPA Caviar Therapy Moisturizing Oil 250 ml - Also offers the benefits of the lotion and of the cream and forms a protective film on the skin without leaving it sticky moisturizesfor up to 30 hours. (R $ 63.90)

Nativa SPA Caviar Cream Acetinado Cream, with the same benefits, also promotes intense hydration for up to 48 hours (R $ 69,90)

Nativa SPA Terapia do Caviar Água de Banho (Caviar Water Bath Therapy) is ideal for use throughout the body, prolonging the feeling of freshness and comfort of the bath. Fragrance inspired by the exclusivity of Caviar that complements the sensory experience of therapy. (R $ 69.90)

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