Souvie develops organic facial line

Souvie develops organic facial line

Brand: Souvie

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Release date: 02/15/2017

Souvie, a Brazilian brand of certified organic cosmetics, has developed the SER + line, consisting of products developed to care for skin physiology, nourishing and moisturizing it with dermatological safety.

According to the company, the new line is the result of science inspired by the processes of nature with the advanced technology of peptides, repair elements that guarantee exclusive anti-aging protection.

Facial Cleansing Mousse Organic Certified contains a blend of mild vegetable surfactants that form a creamy lather, gently removing impurities from the skin without harming it. The essential oil of organic lemongrass controls the natural oilsiness of all skin types, leaving a gentle citrus scent, besides the silky touch. (150ml, R $ 86.00)

Certified Organic Anti-Aging Daytime Facial Moisturizer Serum has been developed with organic ingredients and repairing peptides which, in addition to immediate absorption and prolonged hydration, actuates against cell destruction, helping to prevent aging on all skin types. Organic açaí, olive and brown nut butter and vegetable oils leave the skin tone radiant. Like the mousse, it contains the essential oil of organic lemongrass (60ml, $ 126.00)

Certified Organic Anti-Aging Night Facial Moisturizer - Cream contains a unique blend of organic actives and lipoamino acids that helps prevent the onset of time signs by acting against cellular aging, increasing microcirculation and Synthesis of collagen, resulting in a firmer and more uniform skin. Organic açaí and prakaxi butters and vegetable oils assist in reducing cellular destruction, preventing premature aging, providing a healthy and renewed skin. (60g, R $ 138.00)

The brand develops certified and vegan organic products, without elements that are aggressive to the ecosystem and exempt from parabens and petrolates, and follow the standards demanded by the international certifier Ecocert Organics.

SAC: 0800 777 4593

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