Shiseido develops new technologies for skin whitening

Shiseido develops new technologies for skin whitening

Brand: Shiseido

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Release date: 03/23/2017

Shiseido announces the launch of four products for its White Lucent whitening line for the targeted and effective treatment of different types of brown spots with dual-bleaching products and quick and long-term action effects for women to Feel confident from the inside out.

To achieve the result of a translucent and luminous skin, which continuously maintains its beauty and radiance, Shiseido has created a hybrid between the effective clinical procedures and the state-of-the-art whitening treatments that gave rise to PROAPPROACH × 2, - composed by pro-improvement and pro-resistance - (MicroTarget, MultiBright, Luminizing Surge, Deep Infuse), unique to each product; and also pro-resistance (SAKURAResist), present in all items of the line. Together, they reduce the appearance of existing brown spots and discourage their reappearance over time.

The Pro-Improvement Technology inspired by professional aesthetic procedures uses several technologies specialized in inhibiting melanin, such as: MicroTarget Technology: Inspired by Laser Therapy; MultiBright Technology: Inspired by Pulsed Light technology; Luminizing Surge Technology: Inspired by Second Skin and Deep Infuse Technology: Inspired by Whitening Drip (whitening injection). In addition to the technologies Pró-Resistência, which strengthens the skin and technology SAKURAResist, innovation in resistance to melanin.

White Lucent MicroTargeting Spot Corrector for people with scattered brown marks, acts on brownish spots scattered across the face with laser-like precision, through cell renewal. (459,00)

White Lucent Night Cream - MultiBright Night Cream, for people suffering from various skin discoloration problems, including acne scars, opacity and uneven tone. The product strengthens the power of nocturnal restorative agents. (R $ 524,00)

White Lucent - Luminizing Surge, creates a powerful and invisible veil to stop the reappearance of brown spots. (R $ 499,00)

White Lucent - Luminizing Infuser deposits whitening ingredients deeply for a more responsive and radiant complexion. (R $ 329,00)

Products include White Lucent's Bright-Derm fragrance, first essence of Shiseido with whitening effect. Containing Rosenium (which possesses whitening action) and White Lilac Extract (which offers relaxation action), this fresh and elegant fragrance reduces melanin production and improves mood.

Rosenium is the fragrance ingredient selected for its whitening ability, according to the company, it is effective in inhibiting skin pigmentation. Extracted from Bulgarian rose oil, it has a strong aroma of roses.

And the Lilac White extract has a relaxing function. Originating in Eastern Europe, lilac has a distinct floral scent. The Extract of White Lilac, derived from the aroma of this flower, has a deep relaxing and calming effect.

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