Lanvin brings to the country new fragrance Modern Princess

Lanvin brings to the country new fragrance Modern Princess

Brand: Lanvin

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Release date: 03/21/2017

For this new fragrance, Lanvin explores a version of the modern woman: the one who lives her life mysteriously, a woman who has many facets, who is adventurous and rebellious.

Passionate about freedom, does not like stereotypes, she is glamorous, wild and sensual and creates her own destiny. Your freedom is precious.

Firmenich's perfumer Christophe Raynaud points out some of the characteristics of his creation: "Texture, emotion and a lot of sensoriality"

Described as a sexy floral, the blend between the jasmine and the apple of love offers a new temptation. The head notes are lively and vigorous, almost innocent with the apple and gooseberry. The heart notes to a safer, more confident woman. The double personality of Jasmine, at once delicate and carnal, blends in with the timeless elegance of Fresia.

Its fragile and romantic appearance gradually turns into disturbing and seductive. Her assertive femininity becomes even stronger in contact with the white musks, which provide an ultra-sexy velvety feel. The last woman to reveal herself is extremely sensual, even transformed into a femme fatale with the vanilla orchid. The wood brings a luxury that only she can have, and the white musks give an intense sexy comfort, like a caress on the skin.

Versatile and multifaceted, like the look of a woman, the bottle brings sensual curves and metal chains - the Maison symbol - around the neck of the bottle. The box presents modernity and transmits a chromatic duality in colors; An explosion of passion with red color and the white logo synonymous with absolute purity.

The perfume can be found on the Top International website: in the versions: Lanvin - Modern Princess EDP 30 ml R $ 229,00; Princess EDP 60 ml R $ 349,00 and EDP 90 ml R $ 449,00

SAC: 0800 9709877

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