Lowell Cosmetics renews its professional hair color line

Lowell Cosmetics renews its professional hair color line

Brand: Lowell Cosméticos

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Release date: 04/04/2017

Lowell Cosmetics, a Brazilian brand of professional hair care products, re-launches its Lowell Color coloring line, which is enriched with a blend of essential oils and with an intense color range and hair tone to leave hair with a natural, luminous appearance, besides nourished and soft.

To increase color durability, the Lowell Color line includes the unique tech-in (intelligence nanotech) technology, which takes actives through very small particles to penetrate deep into the threads. The complete color palette meets the needs of Brazilian women. The coloration is rich in amino acids that allow to cover evenly the root to the tips, including the white threads.

"Lowell Color in addition to bright colors and of high color durability, has perfect coverage of whites and a more creamy mass with less ammonia content, at a fair price," says Paula Monteiro Lobato, Industrial Director of Lowell Cosmetics.

Within its full range of colors, it is possible to make up to eight basic combinations and nuances so that there is the perfect harmony between the chosen tonality and the tone of skin and hair.

For best results, Lowell Color also features 5, 10, 20, 30 and 40 volume developer emulsion products, which are indispensable for coloring and discoloration processes.
Lowell - Coloring Cream Lowell Color - 60g has suggested retail price of R $ 25,40

The hair toner does not harm the hair and the scalp, enhances color in a healthy way and provides effective coverage for white hair. It is available in an extensive range of 12 tones. Lowell - Tonell Lowell Color Cream (60g, R $ 25,40)

SAC: 0800 100 829

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