Jafra Cosmetics launches night facial moisturizer

Jafra Cosmetics launches night facial moisturizer

Brand: Jafra Cosméticos

Category: , Services

Release date: 04/19/2017

Jafra Cosmetics expands its Brightening Dynamics line with the launch of Night Care Facial Moisturizer, which minimizes blemishes, illuminates and promotes cell renewal.

Brightening Dynamics has been specially developed to restore vitality, luminosity and hydration of the skin of people over 30 years. The new product according to the company, ensures deep nutrition during sleep, when the body actively works on cell renewal, acting for the good appearance of the skin.

Formulated with the BrightenSMART complex, which improves brightness, reduces fine lines, balances and evenens the tone of the complexion, Facial Moisturizing Night Effect Whitening also gains reinforcements with a unique blend of plant extracts that increase the firmness of the epidermal cells; Plankton extract, which reduces hyperpigmentation of the skin; And extract of red algae, which makes it clearer.

In packaging of 50 ml Moisturizing Facial Night Lightening Effect can be acquired through the consultants Jafra, who serve throughout the national territory, suggested price of $ 115.00.

SAC: 0800-725-2372

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