Anna Pegova launches product against the Digital Aging

Anna Pegova launches product against the Digital Aging

Brand: Anna Pegova

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Release date: 04/27/2017

Provoked by the blue light emitted by the computers screens, mobile phones, tablets, visible light and electromagnetic radiation (transmitted by Wi-Fi), Aging Digital, the French brand Anna Pegova, potentiates its best seller, Hydratant Mixte, with peptides, saccharides and cocoa polyphenols.

Contains a clever and anti-comedogenic formula for mixed skin, moisturizing with progressive diffusion according to the needs of the most dry areas. It balances the oiliness of the T region and protects and maintains the opsins (proteins present in the epidermis) in cells exposed to HEV (high energy visible light), thus preventing digital aging and its consequences in DNA, ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) And blemishes.

This occurs through a mechanism different from the reflective sunscreens. Its formula maintains and protects the integrity of the photoreceptors of the skin, called opsins, that stop protecting us when there is overexposure to blue light, which can cause various damages such as the production of toxic free radicals, DNA changes, spots, among other damages to the skin.

The actives extracted from the unfermented cocoa beans used in this formula come from a rare variety, rich in superantioxidant peptides, saccharides and polyphenols, unlike the common cocoa assets that are fermented and less potent.

The product promises to recover and strengthen the water reservoir of the epidermis and stimulate the Aquaporins.

The Hydratant Mixte continues to be in gel / cream form, has a fresh and pleasant texture. Indicated for mixed skins, including oily ones in winter, which require more hydration.

Hydratant Mixte arrives to the country in the versions 40 ml, R $ 249,00 and 15 ml, R $ 99,00. For sale in the 29 stores of the brand in the main capitals of the country.

SAC: 0800 131345

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