Memphis renews design of the Biocrema line

Memphis renews design of the Biocrema line

Brand: Memphis

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Release date: 04/25/2017

The gaucho company Memphis, from Rio Grande do Sul, repaginated the packaging of the products of its Biocrema line. With the new visual identity, the packaging of each product has gained a distinct and clean color, which refers to the main ingredient or action of the product.

The line is comprised of bar and liquid soaps, deodorants (roll-on and aerosol) and talc for feet, all with active moisturizers that provide softness and creaminess to the skin, company says.

Biocrema male line, also with new packaging, in striking and differentiated colors, to reinforce and transmit the brand quality through the layout, follows the market trend for the category.

Biocrema Line is composed of Biocrema Soap Moisturizing, Oats and Milk, Fennel, Exfoliating, Antibacterial Lemongrass and Antibacterial Orange Flower - 90g and has a suggested retail price of R $ 1.89; Liquid Soap Biocrema Oats and Milk, Moisturizing, Fennel, Exfoliating - 200ml, R $ 8.29; Deodorant Biocrema Roll-on Oats and Milk, Moisturizing, Fennel, Without Perfume - 60ml, R $ 5,79; Deodorant Biocrema Aerosol Oats and Milk, Moisturizing, Fennel, Without Perfume - 168ml, R $ 10,89; Foot Talcum, Mentholated and Refreshing Biocrema, R $ 7,19 and Intimate Liquid Biocrema Soap - 200ml, R $ 12.99.

The Men's Line brings the Biocrema Soap For Men Expert and For Men Marine - 90g, $ 1.89. The Baby Line, Biocrema Soap Chuá - 90g, R $ 2.39 and Biocrema Chuá Shampoo 2 in 1 - 200 ml, R $ 9,00.

Brand products are found in the retail of all the Country.

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