Eudora suggests perfumes and makeup for Valentine´s Day

Eudora suggests perfumes and makeup for Valentine´s Day


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Release date: 06/01/2017

The most romantic date of the year, celebratewd on 12th June, calls for expressions of affection and gifts, so EUDORA (Grupo Boticário) presents its selection of products to liven up the date, with options ranging from R$ 29.99 to R$ 155.00.

Highlight for the releases of Bella Althea and On Men Red, deo colonies, in addition to the S. Envolva case, a limited edition with liquid soap and moisturizing lotion to prepare the skin in an engaging way for special moments in two.

Bella Althea Kit with Clutch Chamois brings the deo cologne, moisturizing lotion, a clutch and a gift packaging. The fragrance described as floral, passionate fruit, brings a bouquet of velvety flowers, sweet notes of vanilla and the sensual signature of the brand Eudora's Secret. For R$ 155.00.

Kit On Men Red with Necessaire brings the deo cologne, necessaire and packaging. On Men Red is composed of bergamot, apple and pineapple and a touch of red ginger. Finishing with the sexy notes of the signature Eudora Secret. (R $ 120.00)

Kit S. Envolva brings moisturizing lotion, liquid soap, special packaging and a presentable packaging. The wraparound fragrance along with the products were specially compounded to scent and moisturize the skin for longer. (R $ 49.99)

Palette Diva is the makeup pallet composed by long-lasting black eyeliner in gel, eyelashes primer, eyeshadows in 9 versatile colors and two shades of compact powder with tan effect.

The products can be found through Eudora Representatives, e-commerce, own stores, kiosks or at

SAC: 0800 727 45 35

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