Jafra Cosmetics brings J-Sport Ride for men with atitude

Jafra Cosmetics brings J-Sport Ride for men with atitude

Brand: Jafra

Category: , Services

Release date: 06/01/2017

The free spirit, the brave look and the desire for challenges translate the concept of J-Sport Ride, the new masculine fragrance of Jafra Cosmetics. A sports perfume, which celebrates the determination, passion and strength for this man to win new disputes, overcoming their limits.

From the refreshing fougère olfactory family, the colony exudes intensity and attitude. The top notes include apple, sage and lavender as an energetic and invigorating adventure. In the body notes moss, geranium and cedar are mixed, bringing masculinity and power. And on the top notes, musk, sandalwood and patchouli confer impact and vitality.

The originality of the essence is translated into the design of the bottle, which combines the fluid format with sophisticated and strong elements. Produced in glass, the packaging creates anatomical undulations to form a dynamic look.

Cologne Deodorant J-Sport Ride (100 ml), R $ 157,00. On sale through the brand's dealers throughout the country.

SAC: (11) 0800-725-2372

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