Lowell develops platinum effect for blond hair

Lowell develops platinum effect for blond hair

Brand: Lowell

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Release date: 06/07/2017

To recover radiance, hydration, strength and achieve the perfect salon platinum without leaving home, Lowell Cosmetics's new formula shampoo and mask line offers treatment for colored and discolored hair.

The products have grayish violet pigment that allows to neutralize the yellow color of the threads from the first application, leaving it with natural aspect.
Accompanying the change in the formula Violet Platinum has the packaging redesigned by Lowell, changing the concept and visual communication of the products that make up the line.

Shampoo Violet Platinum with grayish violet pigments, act gradually on the threads, neutralizing the unwanted yellow, adding intense luster, flexibility and softness to the hair fiber. 240ml, R $ 45.00

Violet Platinum mask with greyish violet pigments, returns the healthy appearance to the threads, neutralizing the unwanted color. Its active ingredients form a barrier of nutrition and protection with high luster in the threads, keeping them hydrated and healthy from root to tip. R $ 59.90 (240g) and R $ 20.00 (40g)

For sale in beauty salons and specialty stores throughout the country.

SAC: 0800 100 829

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