The Scent For Her by Hugo Boss arrives in the country

The Scent For Her by Hugo Boss arrives in the country

Brand: Ugo Boss

Category: , Services

Release date: 06/08/2017

Inspired by moments of pure seduction, Boss The Scent For Her reveals a sublime feminine elegance that, little by little, turns into waves of heat and seduction, involving the woman who uses it with a captivating fascination.

It starts with the fruity notes and floral notes of sweet peach and of freesia blending together to create an exquisite and sweeping combination of pure lure.

At heart the warm, voluptuous notes of the floral fragrance oriental Osmanthus combine the top notes and the bottom notes into a tempting aroma ... first light and delicate, then evolving into deeper and more intoxicating qualities.

The bottom features an incredibly intense roasted cocoa base note. This enigmatic element, with extraordinary occult qualities, awakens our senses and makes us sigh for more ... and give in for moments to its power.

The design of the bottle, by Jason Wu, brings a juxtaposition of feminine and masculine elements. Its sleek, sophisticated lines flow vertically until it culminates in a cuff-like jewel - the feminine version of the iconic BOSS button - contrasting with a rose-champagne tone that draws our attention.

The product is already available in the selective perfumeries throughout the country in the 50 ml versions, for R $ 455,00 and 100 ml, for R $ 577,00.

SAC: 08007725500

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