Natura launches oil with paste texture for body hydration in the bath

Natura launches oil with paste texture for body hydration in the bath

Brand: Natura

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Release date: 06/14/2017

Moisturizing the body every day is very important, especially in the winter, but many people do not like or do not have the patience for this ritual. That's why Natura launches, into its Tododia Cherry and Hazelnut line, Óleo em Pasta, a oil with paste texture to ensure nourished and moisturized skin with the convenience of being applied still under the shower, as a last step of the bath, avoiding the cold post-bath.

The product has the oil in its name, but when it comes in contact with water, its texture turns into cream, facilitating application, bringing a feeling of relaxation and of soft touch.

"We use a combination of emulsifiers which, in contact with water, causes the oil present in the formula to bond to the bath water and form a cream. It is indeed an innovative technology, "says Cinthia Ferreira, Researcher of Product Development Body, Natura.

Company explains that the effectiveness of the product is guaranteed by the greater penetration of the product in a vapor situation, which leaves the pores more open.

"It offers a lighter sensation than a traditional bath oil, for example, precisely because of this power to turn into a cream. The film that stays on the skin after rinsing is enough to ensure optimal hydration, but with a less sticky sensation, "says the researcher.

The new Tododia Cherry and Hazelnut Oil costs R $ 39.90 and can be found for sale through a Natura Consultant, at Natura Network ( or at Natura's own Stores in São Paulo.

SAC: 0800 115566

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