Amend presents spray for instant retouching of root color

Amend presents spray for instant retouching of root color

Brand: Amend

Category: , Services

Release date: 07/07/2017

Amend presents Color Retouch as a quick and practical solution for those who need to color their hair frequently. The root with signs of hair growth, especially of the whites, is a complicated problem as the strands grow and the root fades rapidly between hair color. With day-to-day rush, keeping hair impeccable demands a lot of time.

Retoque da Cor spray instantly corrects white and faded roots, eliminating in just 3 seconds the growth signals of the wires at the root, perfectly covering the color difference between the hair color. Resistant to water, it is necessary to wash with shampoo to remove the product. It is also resistant to touch, water and heat.

With formula free of ammonia and peroxides, it has rich concentration of essential amino acids. When applied, it has immediate and sensory effect of dry hair, without leaving residues. Practical, the 75ml packaging is ideal to be carried in the bag, allowing application on travels.

In shades black, red, light brown, dark brown and natural blond.. (R $ 37.90)

Amend products can be found in the main pharmacies and perfumeries in the country and in the virtual store of the brand.

SAC: 0800. 0197473

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