Bioderma brings photoprotection for mixed skins to oily

Bioderma brings photoprotection for mixed skins to oily

Brand: Bioderma

Category: , Services

Release date: 07/13/2017

The features of the climate in Brazil and of the Brazilians skin in general led Bioderma to bring to the country Photoderm Nude Touch FPS50, a sunscreen with high protection, but of natural appearance, with velvety matt effect.

Lightweight and fragrance-free, and with filters 100% mineral , the product offers protection against rays UVA, UVB and visible light, as well as water-resistant protection.

According to the company, Photoderm Nude Touch FPS50 offers immediate benefits in the long run. Multifunctional, can be incorporated into the routine of skin care all year round.
Its formula contains Liquid to Powder technology, which provides liquid texture, with easy spreadability, that ensures uniform application. After 60 seconds of application the liquid evaporates and the product confers powder finishing of velvety skin, guarantees the company.

The skin is protected for 8 hours with one single application, thanks to the mineral filters. The matte effect is provided by actives that control oiliness, such as Salicylic Acid and Lipacid. The company guarantees that in 21 days the product controls the oiliness regulating the production of sebum, improves the texture of the skin and gives antioxidant action, ensuring long-lasting results. Thanks to the exclusive Fluidactive patent, which acts on the quality of sebum produced by the skin, which avoids pore clogging and the beginning of the acne formation process.

Available in Very Light, Light and Golden versions, in the pharmacies all over the country. (R $ 89.90)


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