Nutrimetics launches hand cream with apricot seed oil

Nutrimetics launches hand cream with apricot seed oil

Brand: Nutrimetics

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Release date: 07/28/2017

Nutrimetics, the Australian brand of cosmetics (Tupperware Brands), for two years in Brazil, has just released Hand Creme, a moisturizing cream with light texture for hands, which provides softness and ensure rapid absorption.

The launch arrives in the country to beside Nutri-Rich oil - a moisturizing butter with apricot kernel oil, product that gave rise to the brand - to form a line of products that nourish and promote deep hydration of the skin, having as main item of its composition the oil of apricot seeds.

Nutri-Rich Hand Cream is a cream enriched with pure apricot seed oil, which promotes intense moisturizing of the hands and cuticles. Includes yet in the formula Vitamin E of antioxidant properties. An exclusive formula that ensures smooth and soft hands with silky touch and quick absorption.

Nutri-Rich Oil is a moisturizing butter with apricot kernel oil, whose exclusive formula includes highly selected ingredients. Made with seed oil of over one hundred apricots, vitamin E and carrot oil.

The moisturizer butter with damask seed oil soothes the resected appearance of the skin, enhancing its ability to retain natural moisture. It can be used as a massage oil, on the dry lips and in all the most dry areas of the body, except for the eyes region.

All products are dermatologically tested. Nutrimetics does not test products on animals

Suggested prices: Nutri-Rich Hand Cream 100 ml: R $ 49 and Nutri-Rich Oil 60 ml: R $ 134.

The products are marketed throughout Brazil, through the sale by relationship in the same catalog of Tupperware.


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