Monotheme Classic Collection features an Eau de Toilette line for women and men

Monotheme Classic Collection features an Eau de Toilette line for women and men

Brand: Monotheme

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Release date: 08/07/2017

Developed in Venice, Italy, the Monotheme Classic line launches the collection of feminine and masculine Eau de Toilette, characterized by classic style and quality.

No total são catorze fragrâncias destinadas à uma clientela refinada, que escolhe o seu perfume de acordo com o que melhor representa a sua personalidade.

The flask expresses the elegance of the collection, highlights the preciousness and is crowned with a lid that symbolizes the classic English style. Already the box, is enriched with the predominant raw material of each aroma, that becomes element of design.

There are two Unisex fragrances: Verbena, a floral that brings in the starting notes the power of Verbena. Aromatic and invigorating, its notes are blended with touches citrus and brilliant. In the heart, on the main notem the delicacy of the white flowers of the Mediterranean meets the vivacity of the most audacious green notes. The suggestive nuances of Vetiver, Amber and Musk on the base note seal this olfactory creation with lingering touches of sensuality.

Agrumi Di Sicilia a citrus that brings the freshness of spring, the orange blossoms come together with the liveliest notes of mandarin and orange, and merge with the finest chords at the base. It is ideal for women and men and can be used at any time of the day.

Among the seven feminine fragrances, highlight to White Gardenia, a floral fragrance that represents a secret love and is also the symbol of purity and honesty. Extremely precious, it is the undisputed signature of this refined floral fragrance.
Ciclamino is another Floral fragrance that explodes with the most intoxicating aromas, giving off an unmistakable air of natural attraction. And Apothéose De Rose, in which the aroma of this sweet and sensual rose makes user to fall in love, company says. The fragrance opens with delicate notes, progressing to a greater intensity at the base through a series of persistent chords.

On the male fragrances, the highlight to Spicy, who expresses the always green elegance of the spices, guaranteeing a sensation of freshness and sensuality.
Vetiver Bourbon, of rare and valuable root, on the heart note represents a rich and elegant interpretation of a classic theme in the perfumery. Adorned by fresh notes and the bitter note of the base of the fragrance suggests a truly masculine spirit. And in Aqua Marina, a fragrance rich in contrasts, the fresh and effervescent head note evolves to a more aromatic heart note, culminating in a sensual and warm base.

Distributed in Brazil by TFS, the fragrances are found in the Top International for the suggested price of R $ 129.00 each.

SAC: 0800 9709877

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