Avon presents new body moisturizers of Encanto brand

Avon presents new body moisturizers of Encanto brand

Brand: Avon

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Release date: 08/22/2017

The Encanto line proposes to its consumers to have an even more pleasurable skin care routine with three new moisturizing creams for the body: Irresistível, Surpreendente e Delicadeza.

The products were developed to meet the consumers who prefer a moisturizer with a creamy texture and fast absorption. Thus, the new moisturizing creams for the Encanto body promote an intense and immediate hydration for up to 48 hours.

"The Encanto line reinforces the importance of a woman discovering and knowing her body, taking a moment of her own for skin care and well-being. Avon's positioning, 'Beauty that makes sense', proposes a constant empowerment of women Through self-esteem, " says Jurema Aguiar, executive director of Marketing at Avon.

Avon Charming Irresistible Moisturizing Cream has unique formula and creamy texture to leave the skin immediately moisturized and with velvety touch. The fragrance is pink bouquet & Irresistible amber. The product protects against the odors of perspiration. (R $ 20.99). Avon Charming Moisturizing Cream Surprising brings the cotton fragrance and intense moisturizing for 48 hours. (R $ 20.99). Avon Charming Moisturizing Cream Delicacy brings the sandalwood fragrance and moisturizing for 48 hours. (R $ 19.99)

The packaging in tubes were developed to offer greater practicality and to be carried in the bag

The launches can be purchased through an Avon reseller or on the brand's website.

SAC AVON: 0800 708 28 66

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