Shiseido develops serum instant filter effect for oiliness

Shiseido develops serum instant filter effect for oiliness

Brand: Shiseido

Category: , Services

Release date: 09/14/2017

Shiseido has developed Ibuki Smart Filtering Smoother, an instant blur effect serum that acts as a clever filter to immediately absorb excess oil and diminish the appearance of pores. Intended, as well as all line Ibuki, the generation of millenials and their problems with the skin.

The combination of Oil-Targeting Micro Powder in serum, through Photogenic Skin Technology allows the product, when applied to the skin, to identify the pores that need to be filled with the powder.
When the powder collects the oil from these pores, the product works even more effectively. The smooth texture of the serum is maintained and the skin is perfected, as if it had applied makeup, the company says.

Serum´s oiliness absorption powder collects excessive sebum imperceptibly and helps prevent the brightness of the T zone.

Contains botanical ingredients such as: Root extract of Bergenia ciliata, known for its benefits for centuries in Indian Ayurvedic medicine, helps fight the causes of acne on the skin. PhytoTarget Complex (key complex of the Ibuki line), which supplements the natural moisturizing factor of the skin and intracellular lipids; Marjoram extract (basil), which acts under the dehydration points.

The texture of the serum has been carefully chosen to soften the imperfections and simultaneously add a hydrated appearance to the skin.

The packaging makes it easy to use the product anytime, anywhere and in a smart way, with a shape that easily fits in your pocket or purse.
Available in selective retail for R $ 199,00.

SAC – 0800148023

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